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The Truma Ultrastore has been used in most caravans from 2000 onwards and is a tried and tested system for heating the hot water in your caravan, supply in hot water to the kitchen and washroom taps and showers.

Truma Ultrastore

230v Operation:
 The tank must be full of water before the the heater is turned on by the main 230v switch. If the heater is switched on when empty, the thermal cut out device will trip. If this happens, the unit will need to be reset. This is done by disconnecting the 230v supply at the heater (removing the plug from the socket) for 5 minutes. Before filling with water from an aqua roll or standpipe, make sure that the drain tap is in the closed position (horizontal, not vertical), turn on a hot tap and switch the water heater power switch to on. Although usually clearly marked, the location of the main water heater switch varies greatly and there are several different types of switches. Leave the water to run from the tap until it stops spluttering and runs in a steady stream which indicates that the water heater tank is full.

Once the heater is turned on, the water in the tank will heat up to a pre-set temperature of 65 degrees in about 30 minutes. The temperature cannot be adjusted when using 230v. The tank holds 12 litres so mixing with cold makes it last longer. Be aware that the hot water supply pipework in the caravan is much shorter than in a domestic home, so the water will run hot in the tap almost immediately.

Gas Operation: To operate the water heater on gas the external flue cover on the outside of the caravan has to be removed, and remain unobstructed as the heater will not light with it in place. Go to the ultra store switch/dial (usually next to the Ultra Heat dial) and turn the grey switch to the flame position, a green light will come on and the heater will attempt to light. If it fails to light, a red warning light will come on. if this happens, wait for a few seconds and try again. When the heater has lit, the green light will remain on. There is a thermostat in the centre of the gas control knob, which allows you to select the required water temperature from 30 to 65 degrees. The gas system needs to be used from time to time to ensure all the working parts stay in good condition. The most common reason for water heaters and fridges not working on gas, is because of lack of use and build up of dust etc.

Using 230V and Gas: It is possible to use the water heater on both gas and 230v but the flue cover must be removed. The gas will maintain the water temperature at the desired setting on the control knob.

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