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Towing a caravan can seem like a dark art to a new caravanner. Although the fundamentals of towing are relatively straightforward, it’s a great idea to practice in a safe area, without the risk of damaging your car or caravan. Towing on the road requires an increased focus on ‘defensive driving’, especially with regard to other road users who may not anticipate the way your caravan will behave, even if you do!

Below are links to videos produced by Practical Caravan magazine and are useful in helping new caravanners to understand the basics of towing and manoeuvring.

P.C. towing masterclass pt1 - tow cars etc

P.C. towing masterclass- loading / hitching up

P.C. towing masterclass - out on the road

P.C. towing masterclass reversing

P.C. Checking nose weight and devices

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