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Dethleffs Nomad 545 DBM
Year: 2012
Berth: 3
Price: £11950

Technical Specifications:

Unladen Weight: 1450kg
User Payload: 350kg
MTPLM: 1800kg
Internal Length: 6.43m
Shipping Length: 7.79m
Width: 2.50m
Height: 2.61m
Awning Length: 0cm
Touring Caravan
Dethleffs Nomad 545 DBM
Year: 2012
Berth: 3

We sell a lot of Continental caravans and we think they are fantastic, sacrificing the door being on the other side to U.K. caravans for ingenious layouts, beautifully finished interiors and superb build quality.  In the case of Dethleffs caravans, you can also add German-built engineering and quality.  If you are looking for a caravan that has a spacious 'open plan' feel, with a king-sized fixed island bed with a view, this will be the caravan for you.

The Nomad 545 DBM is technically a 3 berth but this caravan will suit couples looking for the ultimate in space, as its width and layout give the feel of a small static rather than a tourer. The compromise is in kitchen and washroom facilities although these are perfectly adequate. It's the perfect caravan for seasonal pitches or live in accommodation.

Imported from Germany into the U.K. by Lowdham Leisureworld in Nottingham the Nomad 545, is entirely dfferent to every other caravan on the secondhand market: an island bed in the front window!  This means that you have a fantastic view whilst relaxing in bed with a cup of tea! The location of the island bed means that the very spacious lounge is in the centre of the caravan, with large windows around you in almost every direction.

The exterior of the Dethleffs Nomad 545 DBM really showcases the German build quality.  The gas locker door, for example, has solid handle and lock, and a cantilevered mechanism rather than hinges so it lifts up rather than out. Inside there is a solidly built, full width compartment with space for two bottles, an easy-to-access mount for the spare wheel, and a purpose-built hanger for your waste water container.  There are other nice touches around the caravan, including a channel for a wheel cover when you’re pitched up and want to banish draughts from the wheel cavity. Corner steadies are the substantial Continental type, and the caravan is well constructed, with one-piece aluminium sides. Equipment levels are generally good; there’s an exterior barbecue point, and an onboard water tank.  The caravan is fitted with the modern standard 13-pin twoing electrics plug. The AL-KO chassis has a long A-frame to aid towing stability, and there is an AL-KO hitchhead stabiliser included.  At 1800kg, this is a heavy caravan whch will need a capable tow vehicle.  The weight however, is nicely balanced with the fixed bed in the front and the kitchen appliances in the rear.   This caravan is also fitted with a solar panel for off-grid charging.

Inside, the German build quality is definitely evident.  In this model the lounge table is fixed so there’s no option to create a second double bed. One sofa is 2m long but the other is only 1.3m and you’d have to be a very small child to curl up on it.  This means that the 545 DBM is the perfect couples caravan because the fixed-double bed is large and comfortable – it’s a full king-size and almost square, whereas some caravan beds are compromised by having cut-off or rounded corners.  Tall people should find their feet fit onto the fully-sprung mattress, and conventional duvets will fit well, without any trailing corners.  The bed base lifts up on gas struts to access the storage area underneath.  The view from the bed is stunning: look upward and you’re staring through the front rake of the caravan and up to the sky.  There are full-length voiles over both side windows, and there’s a folded partition which pulls across from both sides to separate the bedroom from the lounge.

Moving back through the Dethleffs Nomad 545 DBM, the lounge is in the centre of the caravan, with U-shaped seating and a sofa opposite.  It has a very communal, sociable feel, helped by the general spaciouslness the extra caravan width gives you. There are windows in every direction, including up – a panoramic rooflight lets plenty of light in direclty above the lounge. There are two long speakers, above each end of the U-shaped sofa and these appear to be superior to the usual circular caravan speakers.  The seats lift up to access the storage area underneath.

The centre position of the lounge means that dining is equally well positioned: near the kitchen and with a view!  The table is bolted to the floor as a permanent fixture but the top unbolts allowing you to slide it to the front or the side.  The Truma blown air heater is opposite the dining room.  The heater is housed in a large unit with a drawer, which makes a useful surface for a television (there’s an angled bracket here) or for serving food.  Lifting the top and pulling out the drawer of this unit provides access to the caravan’s fuse box.

In the rear corner of the Dethleffs Nomad 545 DBM, is a small washroom (continental caravanners prefer to use the on site facilities) but is perfectly usable.  The Thetford c250 cassette toilet swivels to allow you to sit diagonally and gain some leg room, and there is a washbasin near by, which ingeniously slides along to give ample access to the toilet and then slides back again to use the shower.  The shower has plastic panelled walls and ceiling with a deep water tray.  The shower doors fold inwards.  The styling of this shower room is superb. Towel rails on the door give masses of hanging space. A huge mirror takes up the whole wall, allowing you to stand at the caravan door with the shower room open and see your outfit full length. There’s also a bathroom cabinet with mirrored doors you push to open.

The kitchen is at the end of the caravan.  This has some real benefits: you can stand out of the way of other people while you cook, and the storage cupboards along the back of the caravan can be very deep indeed.  The combined oven and grill is smaller than UK caravans with a separate oven and grill, but then how many of us genuinely use the whole oven space in a caravan? The kitchen is equipped with a three way fridge but as with most continental caravans, no microwave.  Cupboard space is spectacular. There’s a huge, deep cupboard next to the oven, and a stunning wide drawer at the bottom, with a divider to separate saucepans. The caravan’s safety isolating switches are under the kitchen worktop alongside the knobs for the three gas burners – everything is easy to reach and the hob switches are never going to get hot.  There are ample work surfaces in the kitchen area: with more than 60cm of worktop, to one side of the sink. A very clever three-part glass cover gives added work space when you’re not using the sink or some of the burners – just lift up the section you need to, and leave the other appliances covered.  Over the hob there’s an air circulator, and a bank of shelves, offering ample storage. 

In summary, this wonderful example of the unique Dethleffs Nomad 545 DBM is in excellent internal and external condition.  It has been treated to a full sales valet, has been serviced and damp checked by an independent specialist prior to sale, providing peace of mind for a new owner.   All this caravan needs is a new owner to hitch it up and take it away on its next exciting caravan holiday. 

Subject to availability, this caravan has a place within our otherwise full CaSSOA gold caravan storage facility.

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