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The most common type of cassette toilet found in modern caravans is the Thetford C250 which has a swivel operation to adjust the position of the toilet bowl and an electric flush. Most caravans have external flush fill inlets and lockers to enable access to the cassette for emptying and cleaning.

Thetford Cassette Toilet Demonstration

How to use a Thetford cassete toilet

Thetford waste holding tank products

Guide to toilet chemicals:

Pink: For the clean water tank and flush

Pink Chemicals are built for work with flushing water. The pink chemicals for flushing water have multiple functions, as well as keeping the flush fresh and clean, it also cleans out deposits, working like a home cleaner to clean off grime.

Pink chemicals are added to the fresh water tank
to ensure a smoother flush and is perfumed to combat unpleasant odours.

Blue / Green Chemicals: For the waste tank and breaking down waster matter in the bowl

Blue or green chemicals are applied for use in the waste tank. The blue or green chemicals in your waste water tank help break down whatever is in there, whilst also helping to keep smells at bay.

They break down waste matter in the holding tank for easy removal whilst also reducing unpleasant odours and build up of gas.

Piran’s top tip: A watering can is useful for filling the flush header tank with the correct amount of water and chemicals.

Piran’s top tip: If find you cannot remove the cassette from its locker, this is likely to be because the flush gate has not been closed properly inside the caravan. Pulling on the cassette will break the mechanism!

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